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A Quality Education.
A Successful Career.
A Bright Future!

Take the first step on a new path.
With hard work and dedication, Job Corps will help you learn skills to put you on track for a good career and a better life.
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Your Journey Through Job Corps

4 Steps To Success

Career Development Services System (CDSS)


Outreach and Admissions (OA)

Welcome to Job Corps! During admissions, you will learn…

  • What Job Corps is all about
  • How we can help you start a career (Learn more about your virtual option here)
  • What training and living at a Job Corps center will be like
  • What your responsibilities will be as a student
  • What career training is available at your assigned Job Corps center
  • How to complete your Job Corps application

Career Preparation Period (CPP)

In your first 60 days on center or virtually, you will…

  • Create and commit to a Personal Career Development Plan (PCDP) with the help of Job Corps staff
  • Visit and learn about American Job Centers / One-Stop Centers
  • Learn and practice personal responsibility skills required at the workplace
  • Learn, demonstrate, and practice job search skills

Career Development Period (CDP)

With the help of center staff and employers, you will…

  • Learn industry-related technical and academic skills
  • Demonstrate interpersonal communication and problem-solving skills
  • Practice social and personal management skills

You will then…

  • Begin the job search process
  • Prepare for independent living

Career Transition Period (CTP)

As a Job Corps graduate, you will…

  • Successfully get your first job
  • Find living accommodations, transportation, and family support resources needed to continue working (with the support of the center and other Job Corps service providers)
  • Continue to contact Job Corps service providers to seek their support, if needed
  • Respond to 13-week, 6-month, and 12-month survey requests
Desktop Quote

The people at Job Corps helped me see potential that I didn’t see in myself. They pushed me in the right direction. I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now if it weren’t for my Job Corps family.

Mobile Quote

The people at Job Corps helped me see potential that I didn’t see in myself. I wouldn’t be as successful as I am now if it weren’t for my Job Corps family.

Darshay ,
Jacksonville Job Corps Center graduate

Job Corps makes dreams a reality

for eligible teens and young adults across the nation.


To qualify for Job Corps, students must be…

16 to 24 years old

16 to 24-year-olds ready to work toward a successful future are welcome. The maximum age limit may be waived if the applicant is a person with a documented disability. For minors, a parent or guardian must sign a consent form.

In need of job skills

The applicant needs job skills training, education, counseling, or related assistance to help get you started on a career pathway.

Income eligible

Applicants must meet one or more of these conditions: receives public assistance, earns poverty-level income, is homeless, is a foster child, or qualifies for free or reduced-price lunch. Your admissions representative will help you determine your eligibility.

Able to work in the USA

The applicant is a U.S. citizen, is a legal U.S. resident, or is a resident of a U.S. territory and/or is authorized to work in the United States.

Additionally, students must have…

A child care plan

The student has made suitable arrangements for the care of any dependent children for the proposed period of enrollment.

No court dates or fines

The student may not be eligible if they have certain criminal convictions or require court supervision.

No behavior Issues

The student does not exhibit behavioral problems that could keep you or others from experiencing Job Corps' full benefits.

No illegal drug use

The student does not use drugs illegally.

Because Job Corps is a voluntary program,
students choose to enroll in the program and may exit at any time.

Student Success Stories

Explore the Job Corps program

Learn more about our program by diving into the pillars of success.

Explore life at the center and learn how you can further your education and build a strong foundation with hands-on training. See how our program continues to assist you after graduation by giving you the tools to succeed and grow your career.