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Earn your high school diploma! Explore academic programs


At Job Corps, we help you prepare for your career with

Basic education and knowledge that goes beyond the classroom and your training area

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Job Corps'

academic education

prepares you to train & succeed in your career

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High School Diploma

Driver's Education

English Language Learning

Math & Reading Tutoring

Personal Career Development Plan

Fundamental Employment Skills

Job Corps is designed to help you learn what life is like outside the program.

It is a very structured environment that will prepare you for the workplace.

Career Success Standards

The way we prepare you for the workforce has changed during Job Corps' 50 years. The growth of new technology, its impact on your education and the workplace, and the surge in various high-growth industries continuously creates new opportunities to learn and grow. Job Corps is responding to this opportunity with the Career Success Standards, a set of ten behavioral expectations in the areas of employability, social development, and independent living skills.


Workplace Relationships and Ethics

Productively interact with co-workers and deal with problems and situations with honesty, integrity and responsibility.



Listen actively, follow directions and communicate with others to solve problems and accomplish tasks.


Personal Growth and Development

Personal skills, attributes and behaviors that foster confidence and drive for life-long growth.


Interpersonal Skills

Get along with others and adjust to a variety of social and professional situations.


Information Management

Interpret and evaluate data, organize and maintain information, and use technology to perform work.


Multicultural Awareness

Value diversity, while practicing cultural sensitivity, and the ability to work with people of different backgrounds and cultures.


Career and Personal Planning

A personal plan that outlines a step-by-step process for entering and advancing in a fulfilling career.


Independent Living

Find, manage and use resources to maintain employment, satisfy physical and emotional needs, and lead a productive and independent life.


Continuous Learning

Continually grow and assess personal strengths and areas for development, set learning goals, and identify and access learning opportunities.


Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Solve problems by seeking and evaluating different points of view and utilizing different resources to reach decisions.

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Focus on the outcome of what your hard work will produce instead of the temporary obstacles you may face on the road to success.

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Focus on the outcome of what your hard work will produce instead of the temporary obstacles you may face on the road to success.

Mercedes ,
Charleston Job Corps Student

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